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Lumex Diamond.

Bigger. Better. Brighter

We have used our manufacturing expertise to offer traditional high-quality diamonds such as special cuts, hearts and arrows, ideal cuts, triple excellent cuts, and fancy shapes. Our sizes range from the smallest to 2 carats (majority are certified type II Diamonds). Amongst these, larger stones and special stones are further certified and graded if requested by our customers.

The owners of Lumex have had a combined history of launching multiple existing special cut diamonds. Lumex has the capability to offer retail partners diamonds with customized faceting patterns that are patentable and unique. This allows our retail partners to offer their consumers a completely differentiated product from other Lab grown producers.

For inquiries, please contact us on info@lumexgroup.com

The Lumex small diamonds service addresses the growing global demand for smaller stones. While we are proud of our collection of bold and beautiful diamonds, we are aware that there is a growing need to provide smaller diamonds required to complete many jewelry designs. By offering smaller diamonds, we enable our partners to explore and push the boundary of designs for both fashion and bridal jewelry.

Our ideal cuts and triple excellent diamonds are cut to thorough standards set out by IGI. This is only achieved through countless man hours perfecting each stone.

Lumex is able to provide exquisitely cut fancy shapes. Tireless measures have been taken to perfect the ratio between size and light return. Our fancy shape diamonds are the “spreadiest” possible without a loss on the light return.

Our exquisite “as grown” blues & yellows are of a similar color tone and saturation to the fancy colors found in nature. We are able to provide various sizes and can calibrate stones if required.