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Founded in 2018, Lumex, is a Baron Dilip Mehta family venture and is headquartered in Dubai, UAE. An integrated player in the Lab Grown Diamond Industry, the genesis of Lumex began when Dilip Mehta visited a lab grown rough diamond producer in 2018. On learning more about the production process and seeing the resulting product, it was clear that a lab grown diamond is novel yet accessible, aspirational yet acquirable for customers.

Lumex was incorporated shortly thereafter and builds on the family legacy of 100+ years of experience in the natural diamond industry. Having been key drivers of their original family business, Dilip Mehta and his son Vishal Mehta have been applying their network and operational expertise to formulate a unique niche in the lab grown diamond space.

Lumex: A luminous exchange.
It is our promise to provide Bigger, Better, Brighter diamonds.

We are a B2B company with offices in India and UAE and a business presence in USA. Through our online platform we provide a variety of lab grown diamonds which can be traded with just one click.

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“A Lab Grown Diamond is an extremely attractive product and broadens traditional industry horizons. It creates an alternative choice for consumers and proves to be an extremely compelling purchase!”

Dilip Mehta
Meet the Team.
Dilip Mehta

Dilip Mehta is a trusted and leading name in the Global Diamond Industry. He was CEO of his family business, Rosy Blue, one of the largest companies in the natural diamond industry, between 1973-2007 and was integral in building the company to a USD 2 Billion business. He continues to remain a strategic investor in Rosy Blue and play a senior advisory role which is completely independent of his involvement in Lumex.

He is the only diamond businessman to be awarded the title of a Baron by the King of the Belgium for his contribution to Belgian businesses. Dilip Mehta's time as CEO of Rosy Blue was marked with great success. He was integral in transforming Rosy Blue from a manufacturing/trading office to a global marketer of a broad range of products and services. This resulted in sales, manufacturing and financing offices in 13 countries spanning 4 continents: Armenia, Belgium, China, Hong Kong, Israel, Japan, Luxembourg, Russia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Thailand, United Arab Emirates and the United States of America.

Dilip Mehta oversees the Lumex business and advises his son, Vishal Mehta on the day to day aspects of the business. He has been pivotal in setting up Lumex’s sourcing and distribution networks.

Vishal Mehta

Vishal has a solid track record in the natural diamond industry and was responsible for the global rough diamond sourcing and manufacturing for his family business between 2003 – 2019. During his time there he set up the business’s South Africa office and an all womens manufacturing facility for rough diamond cutting and polishing. He was integral in setting up key operational and manufacturing systems which resulted in significant cost savings for the firm globally. He also opened several doors to source rough diamonds through his extensive network in Africa.

Vishal has brought the same rough sourcing and operational expertise to the Lumex business and looks forward to leveraging his past experience for the benefit of THE FUTURE.

Vishal graduated magna cum laude from Babson College (Boston, USA) with a BSc and a concentration in Economics, International Business & Entrepreneurship in 2001. He also completed a 12 week intensive diamond training course with the Gemological Institute of America in 2002.